Elle est pas belle mon étude ?

De temps à autre émergent des études réalisées par des agences digitales sur les pratiques en ligne des musées. Ces analyses permettent à leurs auteurs de mettre en avant leurs compétences auprès de potentiels clients et de valoriser leur polyvalence auprès des actuels. Réalisées avec des outils du marketing, elles révèlent souvent une absence de … Lire la suite de Elle est pas belle mon étude ?

« The lesson to be learned is that… »

The lesson to be learned is that there is a place for both the physical and the digital, with one complementing and leveraging the other. The physical museum offers visitors the opportunity to experience the real object and to share their impressions with family and friends, and also provides the content, expertise, and collections that … Lire la suite de « The lesson to be learned is that… »

The model I would most like to see is one of collaboration, between museums and libraries, academic institutions and other organizations that have developed more mature strategies for digital preservation and access. Megan Forbes, Manager of Collection Information and Access, Museum of the Moving Image - http://blogs.loc.gov/digitalpreservation/2011/11/a-museum-perspective-on-digital-preservation/

5 Ways Museums Are Reaching Digital Audiences

If the last time you were in a museum you were being shuffled in a single-file line by an aging docent, you may be surprised by the dynamic lives these institutions lead in the digital world. New platforms are allowing museums to break free of the confines of the academic ivory tower and engage with … Lire la suite de 5 Ways Museums Are Reaching Digital Audiences