Portait Sébastien MagroMy name is Sébastien Magro, I am 38 and I live in Paris, France. Initially trained in design, I hold a Master of Museology and have been working for 15 years in the cultural and digital sectors, both in France and Québec, Canada.

I have been a picture editor in design gallery, a freelance graphic designer, a photographer for a music festival, an art director for a creative agency, a production manager for several art exhibitions.

Since 2012, I have been an editorial and digital project manager in a museum. I manage a team of 12 contributing staff members who publish on social media platforms. I also conduct a technological watch on digital news in GLAMs. I also happen to be an occasional teacher and speaker, mostly about digital projects in the cultural sector.

As I love changing job and learning news skills, I came back to school in 2018-2019, and I studied at CELSA J-School to get a master’s degree.

Of course, views expressed of this blog are my own, and do not reflect my employers’ positions.

Last update: Oct. 2019

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